Seven Gifts for Every Leader This Christmas

25 Dec 2020
Seven Gifts for Every Leader This Christmas
Posted by: Puneet

Your Santa is making his checklist and validating it twice. He’s going to discover which leaders have been naughty or nice. I think any personality willing to step into leading and managing others earns whatever he/she wants for Christmas! If I were to play Santa at our Christmas party, I’d give the following gifts to leaders: 

1. A Spirit of Happiness I’ve noticed that many leaders have overlooked how to have a great time at work. Managing people can be stressful, and it’s easy to get focused on all the challenges that need to be resolved and the sparks that need putting out. This Christmas, I would furnish every leader a healthy shot of joy and laughter to suggest that you take your work sincerely but yourself gently. Play a real joke on your staff, send a funny joke via email, or even better, smirk at yourself the next time you made a mistake in front of your team. You’d be astonished how a little bit of fun can go a long way toward developing morale and positivity at work. 

2. The Prospect to hold someone is performing Something Correct- Too frequently, we’re on the prospect for people making blunders and neglect all the times that people are doing things correctly. Of the hundreds of clients I’ve managed with over the years, not once have I had one say, “If my boss appreciates me one more time, I’m going to resign! I’m sick and drained of all the positive feedback I’m getting!” Sadly, the inverse is true. Most workers can evoke many more instances where their mistakes have been pointed out rather than honored for doing good work. Be on the outlook this festival season for someone making something right and increased a little delight by appreciating them. 

3. A Moment to Apologize -Despite our best leadership efforts, we adhered to be times where we make slips and let people down. One of the surefire ways to lose faith with people is failing to accept your mistakes or not apologize for the damage you’ve committed. Take some time this festival season to review your relationships to see if there is someone to whom you need to confess. If so, don’t let the occasion pass to rebuild your relationship. 

4. A Challenge to Overwhelm Why would that be considered a reward? Well, my exposure has shown that the times I’ve grown the most as a leader is when I’ve had to deal with a vital challenge that produced my leadership abilities and pushed me to get out of my comfort territory. I would risk dollars to donuts (and would be happy falling because I LOVE donuts) that your expertise is related. Hurdles are learning opportunities in disguise, and it’s these occasions that develop us as leaders. 

5. Seclusion Everything in our society works opposite to leaders who experience regular isolation in their lives. Technology enables us to stay connected to work, which is just one click or touches away. If we aren’t concerned, it can begin to feel like we’re “on” 24/7. Usual solitude times help you recalibrate your confidence, relieve stress, and keep converged on the fundamental things in your life and work. 

6. A Commitment to Accomplish Keeping a promise is a moment to illustrate your sincerity. The best leaders are trust developers, knowing that every interaction with their employees is an opportunity to nurture trust. This gift comes with a warning– don’t make a fake promise that you can’t or don’t mean to keep. Violating commitments is a huge trust buster, and if done repeatedly, it can destroy trust in a relationship.

 7. Appreciation Leadership is a valuable and gratifying position. Yet, leaders can go through long periods without hearing a word of thanks or recognition for their endeavors. I would spout every leader the gift of having at least one confrontation with an employee who shares how much the leader has positively influenced him/her and how much his/her team apprehends the leader. 

There are many more rewards that I’d love to deliver, but like most of us, I’m on a budget this year. However, I’m interested to know what other gifts you’d give to leaders if you were playing Santa. Feel free to leave a remark with your gift thoughts!