Monsoon Getaways from Delhi

24 Nov 2020
Monsoon Getaways from Delhi
Posted by: Puneet

Monsoon Getaways from Delhi

Monsoon is the most romantic and soothing of all the seasons, and in this season everyone wants to flee from the hustle-bustle of the city life and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are various places near Delhi which are absolute destinations for weekend visits on Monsoon, some of which are shortlisted by Touropick Team are mentioned below:

1.  Mandawa, Rajasthan: Mandwa, the historical place at a distance of 257 km from Delhi, is a marvelous weekend getaway from Delhi during the downpour. Regarded as the “Open Air Art Gallery” because of the paintings and architecture present in many buildings, Mandawa will mesmerize every history lover. Once here, you can also visit important locations such as the Sevaram Saraf Haveli, Ram Pratap Nemani Haveli, Murmuria Haveli, Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli etc. Touropick team can help you to the best package deals for Mandwa.

2.    Rupnagar, Punjab: Situated beside the Sutlej River on the foothills of the Lower Himalaya, this famous site of the Indus Valley Civilization, offers a mesmerizing view in the monsoon. Surrounded by the Shivalik ranges and the Bhakra Nangal Dam, Rupnagar will be a fascinating journey for those who appreciate the modesty of nature. Once here, you can visit local sightseeing places like the Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara, Virasat-e-Khalsa, Bahadurpur, or Ranjitpura Bas.

3.    Kangojodi, Himachal Pradesh: at a distance of 275 km from Delhi, Kangojodi offers excellent opportunities like camping, trekking, flying fox, and rope balancing through the thick pine and deodar forest surrounded by pristine and enchanting waterfalls amidst the heavy downpour. 

4.    Lansdowne: This beautiful hill station in the Pauri district of Uttarakhand is at a distance of 282 km from Delhi. Some of the places of attraction in Lansdowne are the pristine Bhulla Lake which is a great picnic spot, Jungle safari on the foothills on the Himalayas, trekking at Bhim Pakora, Tip N Top Hilltop view etc. This picturesque hill station offers a spectacular view of the Himalayas during the monsoon and one of the best places to visit during the rains.

5.    Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh: This less visited village, at a distance of 295 km from Delhi, is a perfect place to explore during the rains if you love the rustic and rural environment. embracing cobbled streets and many architecturally sound mansions built in the Rajput, Portuguese, Kangra, and Colonial era, Pragpur will not fail to fascinate its visitors. One of the fascinating places of this place is the over 300-year-old Judge’s Court of Vijai and Rani Lal which is now transformed into a luxurious resort.

6.    Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand: in the Kumaon district of Uttarakhand, Dhanachuli is a less frequented village is at a distance of 328 km from Delhi. This peaceful village is a perfect blend of beauty and tranquility of nature where you can enjoy the view of the setting sun amidst heavy downpour or visit the old Dhanachuli village and witness fascinating designs and sculptures on quaint houses.

7.    Karauli, Rajasthan: at a distance of 329 km from Delhi, Karauli is a historical place of interest with diverse architecturally sound havelis and temples and well-decorated shrines and chhatris. The place is also famous for the infinite number of temples present here. Tourists will have a splendid time if they visit this place in the monsoon and can visit important places of attraction like Karauli City Palace, Kaila Devi Temple, Shri Mahavirji Jain Temple, Madan Mohanji Temple, etc.  

Apart from the above-suggested ones, there are distinct other weekend getaways near Delhi in the monsoon. But the above list will be informative for those who want to explore some offbeat locations.