Dev Diwali: God's visit to Varanasi to Celebrate

30 Nov 2020
Dev Diwali: God's visit to Varanasi to Celebrate
Posted by: puneet

The Dev Deepavali is the festivity of Kartik Poornima rejoiced in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. It falls on the full moon of the Hindu month of Kartika (the 15th lunar day of Kaartik, ie, November-December).
What is the Legend of Dev Diwali?
Varanasi is the only place in the earth where Diwali is celebrated twice.  The essence of this festival is to celebrate Lord Shiva's massive win over Demon Tripurasur May he bless us to win our war against Raktbeejs of this yuga.To celebrate his accomplishment, the gods lit divas. It is considered that on this day, all the gods plunge from heaven to Shiv’s own city, Kashi on the coasts of the Ganges to perform Diwali.
On this day, pilgrims take dips in the Ganga and devote to charity. Enormous crowds of devotees come down the shores for Ganga snaan on the dawn of kaartik purnima. Millions of divas light up the night, all the way from Ravidas ghat to the last edge of Rajghat, to pay homage to Maa Ganga.
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